Time For Our Thursday Linkage

by Ken Fang on February 2, 2012

Let’s do our linkage now. Lots of good stories.

First, Sports Illustrated’s Richard Deitsch speaks with NBC’s NFL crew on what we’ll see on Super Bowl Sunday.

Richard’s latest Media Circus podcast is up and his guest this week is NBC’s Cris Collinsworth who will call Sunday’s game with Al Michaels.

Good on Jason McIntyre of The Big Lead for breaking the story that Selena Roberts has left SI.

Mike Reynolds of Multichannel News says Time Warner Cable hopes to capture some good feelings with its local Super Bowl ad that will run in selected markets.

Anthony Crupi of Adweek writes that General Motors is cutting back on its ad spending, but will remain on the Super Bowl.

Adweek’s Tim Nudd says Kia’s Super Bowl tries to cram a lot into its Super Bowl spot.

Robert Klara from Adweek notes that tennis players are getting more than just shoe endorsements these days.

Matthew Creamer at Advertising Age has a primer on the Super Bowl ads.

Brian Steinberg from AdAge notes that NBCUniversal corporate sibling Fandango will latch onto one Super Bowl movie ad.

Cotton Delo of AdAge says Honda’s Ferris Bueller ad is the most watched Super Bowl ad on the web right now.

Mark Wilson of Popular Mechanics wonders if NBC’s streaming of Super Bowl XLVI will lead to more events online.

Tom Cheredar from MediaBeat says the Feds cracked down today on several sites illegally streaming sports.

Maggie Hendricks at Yahoo’s Shutdown Corner says Pats QB Tom Brady watched last year’s Super Bowl through an illegal website. Great thing to admit, Tom.

To Graham Watson at Yahoo’s Dr. Saturday blog and he says ESPN may have inadvertently helped USC coach Lane Kiffin commit a recruiting violation. It would not be the first time.

Good story from Jeremy Rapanich in Deadspin on NBC’s preparation for Super Bowl XLVI.

Matt Yoder from Awful Announcing looks at the next potential wave of NFL TV analysts.

Ryan Yoder at AA recaps Texas US Senate candidate Craig James interview on a state radio station.

Glenn Davis at SportsGrid wonders if Steven A. “A is for Acrimony” Smith flipped the bird to Skip Bayless today.

The Boston Globe’s Chad Finn takes a look at Radio Row at the Super Bowl.

Newsday’s Neil Best says WFAN’s Mike Francesa and the agent for former New York Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor are in a feud.

Neil says Miami sports radio host Sid Rosenberg is no longer doing morning drive sports reports for NYC radio station WINS.

Neil speaks with WFAN’s Giants beat reporter.

Neil says NBC is hopeful that Super Bowl XLVI will set a viewership record.

Pete Dougherty at the Albany Times Union has the rundown for NBC’s Super Bowl 6-hour pregame.

Ken McMillan at the Middletown (NY) Times Herald-Record has ESPN’s BracketBusters schedule.

Evan Weiner of the New Jersey Newsroom notes that the NFL is the best of both capitalism and socialism.

Isabelle Khurshudyan of the University of South Carolina’s student newspaper, the Daily Gamecock, recaps a campus appearance by ESPN founder Bill Rasmussen.

John Kiesewetter from the Cincinnati Enquirer says Fox Sports Ohio has set its Reds programming for this month.

Zak Keeler from the Indianapolis Star writes that visiting reporters are heaping praise on Indy as Super Bowl host.

Bob Wolfley of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is surprised over the Pro Bowl’s ratings.

Mark Schuttenhelm of the Jamestown (ND) Sun questions the choices NBC Sports Network has made for its college hockey games.

Tom Hoffarth of the Los Angeles Daily News breaks down the Super Bowl by play-by-play announcer.

The Los Angeles Times reports that ESPN poker commentator Norman Chad was admonished for live tweeting his jury selection. Really, Norman?

Jessica Lantz has a look at one of the better Super Bowl ads, only this one will play in Canada only.

Speaking of Canada, the Canadian Sports Media Blog says CTV will begin its promotional push for this year’s Summer Olympic Games during the Super Bowl.

Sports Media Watch says this year’s NHL All-Star Game ratings finished below last year’s.

Mike Silva at Sports Media Watchdog says this week’s Mike and the Mad Dog reunion reminds fans what they’ve been missing since 2008.

Steve Lepore at Puck The Media has some suggestions on how to improve NBC’s NHL coverage.

Jackie Pepper continues her coverage of Super Bowl XLVI.

And we’re done with our links for today.

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