98.5 The Sports Hub Now Beats WEEI In Overall May Ratings

by Ken Fang on June 15, 2011

In the May Arbitron rating trends, the Bruins run certainly helped 98.5 The Sports Hub as it jumped over WEEI in the overall cumulative ratings and the station continues to beat WEEI like a drum in key male demographics. This is just amazing when you take a look at the numbers. Now, WEEI will say we should add the numbers coming from WEEI-FM in Providence and the numbers are different, but to be honest, the way that WEEI is getting beat in certain dayparts, that argument really doesn’t hold water anymore. Overall in the 6+ numbers, WBZ-FM beats WEEI head-to-head, taking 12th place over WEEI’s 13th place. And The Sports Hub beats WEEI in Morning and Afternoon Drive as well as Middays. The only dayparts in the 6+ category where WEEI beats WBZ-FM is at night and on weekends. And the margin is more pronounced when you get to Men 18-34, Men 18-49 and men’s 25-54.

I’ll break it down for you.

98.5 The Sports Hub 6+ Cumulative WEEI-AM
Ranked 12th Mon-Sun 6a – midnight Ranked 13th
Ranked 12th Mon-Fri 6a – 10a Ranked 14th
Ranked 12th Mon-Fri 10a – 3p Ranked 15th
Ranked 12th Mon-Fri 3p – 7p Ranked 14th
Ranked 5th Mon-Fri 7p – midnight Ranked 4th
Ranked 12th Sat-Sun 6a – midnight Ranked 11th


98.5 The Sports Hub Men 18 – 34 WEEI-AM
12.0 (1st) Mon-Sun 6a – midnight 2.2 (14th)
20.7 (1st) Mon-Fri 6a – 10a 3.5 (10th)
14.6 (1st) Mon-Fri 10a – 3p 1.0 (Tie-17th)
10.7 (2nd) Mon-Fri 3p – 7p 1.2 (Tie-15th)
6.7 (Tie-4th) Mon-Fri 7p – midnight 4.7 (8th)
5.0 (8th) Sat-Sun 6a – midnight 1.5 (Tie-15th)


98.5 The Sports Hub Men 18 – 49 WEEI-AM
9.8 (1st) Mon-Sun 6a – midnight 3.8 (9th)
13.8 (1st) Mon-Fri 6a – 10a 5.5 (4th)
12.2 (1st) Mon-Fri 10a – 3p 2.2 (Tie-12th)
9.3 (1st) Mon-Fri 3p – 7p 3.8 (Tie-8th)
8.1 (4th) Mon-Fri 7p – midnight 5.6 (6th)
4.8 (7th) Sat-Sun 6a – midnight 2.9 (13th)


98.5 The Sports Hub Men 25 – 54 WEEI-AM
8.5 (1st) Mon-Sun 6a – midnight 4.9 (7th)
10.5 (1st) Mon-Fri 6a – 10a 6.1 (Tie-3rd)
9.8 (2nd) Mon-Fri 10a – 3p 3.4 (Tie-10th)
8.5 (1st) Mon-Fri 3p – 7p 4.8 (7th)
8.7 (Tie-1st) Mon-Fri 7p – midnight 8.1 (3rd)
5.1 (8th) Sat-Sun 6a – midnight 4.0 (10th)


98.5 The Sports Hub Overall 25 – 54 WEEI-AM
5.2 (6th) Mon-Sun 6a – midnight 3.3 (15th)
6.3 (2nd) Mon-Fri 6a – 10a 3.8 (13th)
5.7 (5th) Mon-Fri 10a – 3p 2.0 (Tie-17th)
4.9 (5th) Mon-Fri 3p – 7p 3.3 (14th)
6.2 (4th) Mon-Fri 7p – midnight 6.3 (3rd)
3.4 (13th) Sat-Sun 6a – midnight 2.9 (14th)

The amazing numbers are the drop off from morning drive to middays for WEEI, handing off from Dennis & Callahan to Mutt & Merloni. Gresh & Zo who were running behind Dale & Holley have now taken control of middays. And the morning drive battle between Toucher & Rich and Dennis & Callahan has turned out not to be a battle at all especially among younger listeners.

Nighttime has become a battle between Red Sox and Bruins games, but 98.5 is holding its own at nighttime especially between Damon Amendolara and Mike Adams.

We’ll see how the ratings turn out for June.

  • Bowltr


  • Henrik

    It’s all due to hockey!

  • Anonymous

    Ken, do you think Jason Wolfe’s and Julie Kahn’s jobs are in jeopardy? 

  • Irishkid111703

    what do you think they turned the best radio station in the state into shambles and a shell of itself im surprised it hasent happend already

  • Anonymous

    Hell, I would be stunned if the jobs were not in jeopardy, but I was curious what someone who has been in the industry thought.

  • j d

    WEEI serves you right, intercom is a poorly run station. Thank you T and R!! 1040 count your pennies

  • Jflaxington

    All their talk about Providence numbers hold no weight, 98.5 comes in in Providence, that’s where I listen!

  • http://luvenergy.tumblr.com/ Hugh

    Bring back WBCN!! haha, yeah right. love the Sports Hub, cancelled XM

  • Jack

    WEEI should cut their losses to some extent and bring back Dale.  Muttnansky is unlistenable.

    D&C is a completely different kind of  show than T&R.  Other than the fact that T&R is on a sports station, they’re not a sports show.  It’s kind of like when Imus was on.

     The Big Show had too many years of LJ and the like.  Ordway should retire and they should re-tool for Holley.

  • Dave

    I Agree. Breaking up dale and Holly was the beginning of the end. I have not listened to WEEI since then.

  • http://twitter.com/fangsbites Fang’s Bites

    Certainly if the trends continue this way. If the Red Sox catch fire and the Patriots do well and WEEI can catch lightning in a bottle, then it could turn the ratings around, but I think they’ve lost younger listeners for good.

  • JunkCowboy

    For Years and Years WEEI mocked hockey fans, insulted and mocked callers, kept individual callers waiting for an hour or more before letting them on air where the hosts would then talk over them before ending their call after thirty seconds (I’ve never called EEI) D&C used to be ‘listenable,’ but Dennis is so unlikeable and nasty, who needs that in the morning? And to think Dale Arnold needed to be replaced just proves how moronic those running EEI are. And when Pete Shepherd was let go, the Big Show began it’s decline, because one can only take ‘let me mail it in Monday thru Friday’ Ordway in very tiny doses. WEEI proves that when there is no competition arrogance reins, and when a true alternative arrives, as it has in the Sports Hub, the truth arrives with it. For a decade and a half a lot of people hated being consigned to just WEEI, and now for these arrogant tongues at 850, the chickens have come home to roost. You’ll find no tears from me when it comes to that.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Ken

  • Travis151

    I’m not surprised by these numbers at all. I couldn’t stand the arrogance by the weei host over the years. Also talk about a bunch of homers. Now they are mocking Felger because he was so hard on the Bruins. Face it Felger loves the Bruins he just wanted them to win. Top it off they break up Dale and Holley the only show besides PlanetMickey I liked. F’ weei The SportHub rocks!

  • Travis151

    The Patriots games are played on The SportsHub so I can’t imagine benefits Weei in the ratings. Redsox will definitely help though.

  • Routesfourandseven

    WEEI got the ‘puck’ beat out of them at this point in time., the question here is will 98.5 be able to keep the momentum rolling. Now it’s all Red Sox, and the Sawx have taken second a large back seat to the Bruins magical and well earned ride to Lord Stanley..

  • Sullmaster4186

    As much as I love the Hub I can’t stand Felger, not a fan of his at all

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  • http://twitter.com/fangsbites Fang’s Bites

    Don’t forget WEEI has Patriots Monday and Friday so they have that going for them.

  • Mccarthy Michaelpaul

    D&C stopped being a sports show during the 2008 Presidential election

  • Mccarthy Michaelpaul

    Not just for “years and years” Callahan did so yesterday. I switch on occasion just to listen to what D&C are spewing out (I stopped listening when their sports show became a politics show in November 2008).  What he was was spewing out was unbelievable. I’m paraphrasing here but he more or less said

    “You’re all a bunch of suckers if you followed the bruins from 92 – 2009” 
    “Sports is about winning, none of this ‘love of the game’ baloney”
    “Like I’m really going to go to a Bruins game just because the Canadiens are in town, or because Pittsburgh has Crosby or Malkin”
    Yup, you won’t go to those games. And you won’t be welcome either.  What an idiot. Way to alienate people.

  • Mccarthy Michaelpaul

    I can’t stand him either, but to Travi151′s point… He’s a HUGE hockey fan and Bruins fan.

  • Matt

    WEEI is getting exactly what it deserves.

    Dennis and Callahan are two of the bigger douches in Boston media.

    Years of their condescending attitude towards hockey fans and years of them berating people with their right wing politics on a fuggin’ sports talk radio show has finally come to bite them in the ass.

    It’s hilarious to listen to them go into full pink hat mode and try to act like they care about hockey now.

  • CJ

    Can’t believe I’m the only person who seems to still love WEEI.  I wish they hadn’t messed with the Big Show or D&H, but the personalities on the Sports Hub suck. 

  • suldog

    EEI became unlistenable, they blew a monoploly with a 15 year head start, the most popular baseball team in sports, and being the only game in town for the first 5 Championships of the decade. It was like they were spotted the first 20 miles in a marathon and found a way to lose. Nice work TSH!

  • CJ

    Guess I just don’t see the appeal to the Sports Hub.  I’ve tried listening several times and its just boring radio.

  • http://sportsofboston.com/2011/06/24/sports-media-musings-98-5-on-top-bsmw-approval-system-wins-marv-albert/ Sports Media Musings: 98.5 On Top, BSMW Approval System Wins, Marv Albert | Sports of Boston

    [...] WEEI’s long reign as world-beater of the sports radio landscape has come to an end. In the month of May, 98.5 The Sports Hub bolstered its already impressive lead over ‘EEI in the ratings war. Much has been made of the data interpretation and how to view the ratings. In this case, there seems to be no issue extrapolating the figures – put simply – Numbers don’t lie. [...]

  • SlottedSapelle

    I ‘m a big T & R fan  in the mornings.  D & C cater way to much to old white republicans.  I find both mid-day shows basically unlistenable.  Mutt & Lou can’t get a sentence out without stumbling over their words.  Atleast Dale Arnold was a radio professional.  Huge mistake to get rid of Dale & Holly.  I’ll listen to Gresh & Zo talk NFL, but anything else from them is like nails on a chalkboard.  Love M. Holley, but I can’t relate to Ordway.  Felger really knows how to run a show, from beginning to end their show has great pace and energy (although Tony’s voice is ridiculous).  Mike Adams is very funny, while DA tries hard to be funny but isn’t at all

  • BigBadB’s

    Denilli, denello,dunullo

  • Larry

    Thats because those fat slobs at WEEI would never talk to a hockey fan and made fun of them……………….They did not realized that the Bruins had a legion of fans out there looking for an outlet and 98.5 gave them one………I hope all the fat WEEI slobs get fired…………….

  • Larry

    My guess is WEEI has some kind of contract for Patriots Monday and Friday…………Once that contract is up 98.5 will end that since they are the Patriots station………

  • SoBz

    No surprise to hear Sports Hub beat WEEI in May.
    The Bruins became the scorching hot flavor of the month for a change….and without any real competition in May. That’s got to play into it a bit.

    I’m also thinking about the stark difference in reception quality outside of Rte. 128.
    I would think Sports Hub would be routinely beating WEEI in ratings since it comes in much further from Boston.

    I have virtually no understanding of how ratings are determined, or how accurate
    demographics info is(nobody has polled me), but it seems to me that if you’re looking
    for an accurate comparison, you would have to include all the WEEI numbers…including the Internet. WEEI comes in great where I live and work, but I don’t have to go very far(12 miles?) before that changes.
    Comparing an AM to an FM station isn’t quite apples to apples, so if there are in fact more listeners, why would they be omitted?…What exactly are we trying to measure?

    For example, I have NO friends in Manchester, NH that listen to WEEI radio because it doesn’t come in. We have to either listen via Internet on poker nights, or turn on the Hub, which was never an option until recently. That’s the largest city in the state, and only 45-50 miles north, and there are so many more areas like it. If people are listening, they should count.

  • SoBz

    I’m partial to WEEI because I think they consistently have the best guests and interviewers, but I listen to both. Pairing Holley with Big O on the Big Show was freakin genius…it works, great debates. No other shows really stand out though.

    I didn’t like the Hub for a long time because they were trying way to hard to be hip, which they’ll never be, cept maybe T&R…didn’t like them on WBCN but they’re great in the a.m.
    Felger & Mazz is so bad I can’t listen. Mazz is a great baseball writer, but no way can I listen to him…too whiny. Felger?…The “douchebag” moniker fits him so well. Some personalities similar to him get you to listen, but he’s always inspired me to change the channel.
    Always liked the D.A. show, good stuff.

  • james Brabazon

    I’ve been listening to sports radio since the Sports Huddle.  Personally, I can’t stand Glen O, to loud, and I don’t think he his a nice human.  Felger and maz have fun, besides the confrontation that add to sports radio.  I’m so glad I have a choice now.  I can’t stress enough how much I hate Glen O.  Being loud doesn’t make you right.  Blowing up the callers? That your customers!  What other business do you know that hangs up on their customers and blows them up.  What do you guy expect, you A holes. 

  • Mikesd_12

    Go felger & mazz!!!!!!!

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