Very Quick Saturday Links

by Ken Fang on August 28, 2010

Just found out my day has been planned for me again so I’m going to post as many Saturday links here before heading out.

Milton Kent at Fanhouse says a revamped ESPNews will debut on Monday.

SportsNewser gives you a sports media blog you should read. Unfortunately, it’s not Fang’s Bites. 

Comcast SportsNet gives us the “best” of the week.

Pete Dougherty of the Albany Times Union has the MLB Network live game schedule for next week.

In the Washington Post, Dan Steinberg’s DC Sports Bog recaps Rob Dibble’s comments on Sirius XM concerning Stephen Strasburg’s injury. As you’re probably aware, before news surfaced about Strasburg requiring Tommy John surgery, Dibble said he should play hurt.

Vin Mannix at the Bradenton (FL) Herald says ESPN got its money worth when it aired a high school football game from town last night. 

Jeff Klinkenberg of the St. Petersburg Times says ESPN will profile a local amputee athlete on Sunday. 

Jon Solomon of the Birmingham (AL) News talks with an ESPN official on the BCS and other college sports issues.

Barry Horn at the Dallas Morning News looks at a busy opening week for college football on ESPN.

Tom Hoffarth of the Los Angeles Daily News read Steve Lyons blog on Fox Sports West’s website so you won’t have to.

Joe Flint of the Los Angeles Times has Time Warner Cable putting the blame squarely on Disney in its carriage negotiations.

Joe Davidson of the Sacramento Bee says local media and school officials were not happy with ESPN when it aired a high school football game last night. 

Sports Media Watch says Nielsen will be counting an additional one million new TV households in the new season.

The Nielsen Wire blog explains.

Back to SMW where you have some news and notes.

And SMW has a few more ratings notes.

Dave Kohl reviews the week in sports media news at the Major League Programs blog.

In the Biz of Baseball, Maury Brown says the Baseball Winter Meetings will return to Nashville.

And we will end it there. I found more links than I thought I would and that’s good for you.

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