33rd Annual Boston/New England Sports Emmy Award Winnners

by Ken Fang on May 25, 2010

This past weekend, the Boston/New England Emmy Awards were handed out at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, MA and a fine venue if I say so myself.

Here are the winners in the sports categories. For the complete list, you can go here. If you want to see any of the award ceremony, you can check out the Video on Demand section.

News Specialty Report Sports News
Fast-Track Dreams: From Go-Carts to Glory, WTNH
Adam Francis, Editor
James Muro, Reporter
Sports Series
Charlie Moore Outdoors,  NESN
Charlie Moore, Producer/Host/Writer
Bob Sylvester, Producer/Writer/Editor
Sporting Event/Game-Live/Unedited
Boston Celtics Basketball, Comcast SportsNet
Paul Lucey, Producer
Jim Edmonds, Director
Jeff Grice, Editor
Andrew Levine, Associate Producer
Sports One-Time Special ***TIE***
When The Reds Ruled The Roost, WJAR
Jim Karpeichik, Editor/Photographer
Joe Rocco, Producer/Writer

History of the Boston Bruins, NESN
Jason Sealove, Producer
Gina M. Hackett, Segment Producer
Evan Neel, Segment Producer
Sports Feature/Segment
2009 Opening Day Recap, NESN/The Boston Red Sox
Matt Romito, Producer -
John Robert Carter, Producer
Keith Macri, Producer
Charles Reckard, Audio
Composite, Cox Sports
On Camera Talent Reporter-Sports
John Chandler, Reporter
Composite, NESN
Photographer Short Form
Tom Guilmette, Cinematographer
Cox Free Skate, Cox Sports

I’m going to recognize a friend of mine, Tim Gray of Tim Gray Media, with whom I went to college at the University of Rhode Island and worked in radio in Connecticut. His critically acclaimed documentary, “Navy Heroes of Normandy” won two Emmys:

Writer Program
Tim Gray, Writer and Producer
Navy Heroes of Normandy, http://www.ripbs.org

Jim Karpeichik, Director of Photography
Navy Heroes of Normandy, WSBE

You can see the documentary in its entirety at Tim’s website so I suggest you watch it. The doc is very powerful and moving. Two well deserved awards for Tim.

Also congrats to Joe Rocco who produced the sports documentary on the Rhode Island Reds. I interned with Joe at WJAR-TV way back when.

And I just shake my head at how Charlie Moore won an Emmy for Charlie Moore Outdoors. That show is horrible.

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