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by Ken Fang on October 10, 2009

Doing some links today as I get ready to head for the CBS Scene in Foxboro, MA tonight to watch the US-Honduras World Cup qualifier game. Thanks to the massive fail by the Honduras soccer federation selling the game to a pay per view outlet which in turn, sold the game to various sports bars for a closed circuit narrowcast. US Soccer does have a partial list of establishments showing the game, and I have found more here. But it’s ridiculous that we have to resort to pay cover to watch the game on TV. I’ll be live tweeting from the CBS Scene, so look for that at my Twitter page.

To the links.

Newsday’s Neil Best reports that WFAN is no longer located at the Kaufman Astoria Studios as it did its last broadcast from that location this morning.

Neil spent his Friday evening watching a movie about roller derby instead of watching the Twins-Yankees.

Amanda Bruno of the Batter-up with Bruno blog wonders if Don Orsillo is cursing his own team by calling the Red Sox-Angels series for TBS.

Michael David Smith of Fanhouse asks if ESPN’s Lee Corso might be still feeling the effects of the stroke he suffered earlier this year. I was wondering the same thing while watching College Gameday online this morning.

CNBC’s Darren Rovell tells you how you can buy sports tickets for your favorite team over the next 50 years!

Pete Dougherty of the Albany Times Union says TBS and MLB have to do some juggling with tonight’s postponement of Philadelphia-Colorado.

Alan Pergament of the Buffalo News likes NFL Network’s RedZone and wishes Time Warner Cable would pick it up.

Laura Nachman discusses the flip of ESPN Radio in Philadelphia to FM.

To Jim Williams of the Washington Examiner who says NBC will be all over the Presidents Cup this weekend.

Jim for the most part likes TBS’ coverage of the League Division Series, but wishes they could use the local announcers.

Barry Horn of the Dallas Morning News talks with Fox Sports analyst Troy Aikman about the fine line he tries not to cross when talking about Cowboys QB Tony Romo.

Barry has a preview of an E:60 profile on Cowboys DL DeMarcus Ware.

Jerry Garcia of the San Antonio Express-News looks at the weekend in televised sport.

Mel Bracht of the Daily Oklahoman previews another E:60 profile, this one on New York Jets coach Rex Ryan.

Tom Hoffarth of the Los Angeles Daily News looks back at the week in blogging.

Diane Pucin of the Los Angeles Times reviews the TBS’ production of Game 2 of the Red Sox-Angels series.

Joe Favorito writes about the communication problem within the US Olympic Committee that might have sealed Chicago’s fate for the 2016 Games.

Maury Brown of the Biz of Baseball says a major blown call in the Twins-Yankees ALDS proves that instant replay needs to be expanded in MLB.

Steve Lepore at Puck The Media scolds those who reported that the UFL debut on Versus drew better ratings than the NHL.

Steve asks if the NHL shouldn’t consider playoff tripleheaders like MLB.

Johanna Wagner of Love My Team gives some tips for broadcasters to make a game more enjoyable for viewers.

The Big Lead gets on MLB for its playoff scheduling.

Bill Chuck of writes a guest column for Chris Byrne’s Eye on Sports Media offering a suggestion to make the MLB postseason more dramatic.

It’s really great to have the Sox & Dawgs blog back. Here’s a post on the UConn women’s basketball team TV schedule for this upcoming season.

MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann tells MLB that he could have helped to decipher when some unearthed footage of Babe Ruth was filmed.

And we are done. I think I’ll give you one more post before I shut the computer down for the day.

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