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by Ken Fang on July 24, 2009

Time for another edition of Follow Friday where I recommend several sites to visit and if you so choose, start following regularly. To see past recommendations, go here.

One of the more interesting social experiments is happening all day Friday into Saturday. It’s the 24 hours of StarburyMarbury Marathon. Yes, that’s right, Stephon Marbury is on the internet streaming live at Ustream and he’s answering your tweets. Sometimes he raps, sometimes, he sings, sometimes he holds his fashion drawings up to the camera, but overall, it’s just him sitting in front of his computer and a camera answering questions. There are times when the audio or video goes down, but when it’s up, it’s pretty compelling. So for your Friday, the 24 hours of StarburyMarbury is our first site recommendation today.

Real Clear Sports does what I do, links you to a series of articles each day. It does a morning and afternoon edition of links, but it’s not just sports media, it links to whatever the story of the day is. In addition to linking to newspaper articles, RCS also has some writers offering exclusive columns, so it has some very good content. Plus, it was a sponsor of the original Blogs with Balls conference in New York in June so it’s quite interested in the relationship between mainstream media and blogs.

A couple of links if you’re a Big Ten sports fan. There’s the Big Ten Network which is gearing up for football season. If you have BTN on your cable or satellite system, then you know that the network brings you Big Ten Conference sports, not just football, basketball, but also Olympic sports as well. The site provides all types of updates on Big Ten news and also keeps you up to date on programming.

For Michigan fans, the MGoBlue site, the official site of University of Michigan athletics (don’t worry, I’ll recommend other Big Ten sites down the line, I know Big Ten fans get angry if they don’t see their school) is a very comprehensive site offering news on the school’s teams. The content is there, although the colors are a bit too bright for my tastes, but the MGoBlue site is done quite well if you overlook the splashes of yellow.

Gunaxin is a site which mixes sports, gadgets, humor and of course, the obligatory shots of women, but they’re all done tastefully. It’s a site that doesn’t require heavy lifting, but then again, the site doesn’t want you to do a lot of thinking. It does the thinking for you. Good site to go to especially after a long day at work.

TheOBR or The Orange and Brown Report is a site that is devoted to my beloved Cleveland Browns. Plenty of blogs, reports and video content to bring you everything that you need to know on the fastest rising team in the NFL. Ok, I made that last part up, but I can dream, can’t I?

The Two Cents from Beantown blog provides thoughts on Boston sports. I just found this a couple of weeks ago and it’s being given my stamp of approval.

And the Without A Curse podcast hosted by Alex Reimer is up at The Sports Stuff site. Alex had gained notoriety especially on a late night talk show for being one of the youngest to ever host a podcast. He’s 16 now, but he’s been going strong for the last couple of years. I’m not endorsing this just because I was a guest earlier this week, but because Alex knows his stuff. Plus, he has had many Boston sports media heavy hitters on his podcast so make sure you download Alex’s podcast off iTunes.

That’s it for this edition of Follow Friday.

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